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Adela und Leopold Ploner

Adela Ploner

Verlegerin, Marketingberaterin, Mediarepräsentantin.

Adela Ploner begann in einer renommierten Werbeagentur, wo sie für internationale Kunden wie Hitachi (heute: Renesas) arbeitete. Später war sie mehrere Jahre Herausgeberin der Fachzeitschrift „EuroLaser“. Als Verlagsvertreterin repräsentierte Medien sie internationale B2B-Verlage in Deutschland, wie z. B. Semiconductor International, EDN Europe/Asia/Japan/China, Elettronica Oggi, Test & Measurement World, u.v.m.
Heute ist sie spezialisiert auf die Fachmedien QMed/MD+DI, Design News und Physics Today.
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Adela is an expert on the German technical media market and has deep ties to most of the major advertisers. Working with Adela was always a pleasure and her professionalism and attention to detail was a bonus.

David Blaza, Senior Brand Director at Avnet

Leah Vickers

Adela is knowledgeable, tenacious and understands her clients markets. Respected by her peers and her customers, she is also well liked and such a pleasure to work with. You will have picked a winner working with Adela!

Leah Vickers, Publishing Sales Specialist,Orange County, USA
Cliff Keys

I have worked with Adela for over 10 years and have always been impressed with her integrity and professionalism. She works tirelessly to deliver high added value to the editorial, advertising and promotional campaigns we have worked on together. I would say that her sales and customer-facing skills are the highest I have seen in the industry.

Cliff Keys, Technology Journalist and Editor, Clapham, UK

Leopold Ploner

Photo © Yorckdertinger.com

Elektronikingenieur, Werbeleiter, Verleger.

Leopold Ploner ist Ingenieur der Nachrichten und begann seine Laufbahn als Werbeleiter eines Laserherstellers. Weitere Stationen waren Unternehmen der Elektronikfertigung, CAD/CAM-Technologie und NC-Software. Als freier Autor und Journalist schrieb er zahlreiche Beiträge für Laser Focus World, Elektronikpraxis, Markt&Technik, VDI Nachrichten u.a.m. Bis 2020 war er Herausgeber der Fachzeitschrift „Industrial Ethernet Book“.
Heute ist er spezialisiert auf die Fachmedien Physics Today, Design News und QMed/MD+DI.
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I’ve worked with Leopold for 15 years. His sales and marketing background gives him a strong foundation in helping his clients achieve and exceed their marketing goals. Leopold’s knowledge of the entire marketing process would be a welcome addition to any of his customers‘ requests for help.

Randolph Nanna, former Publisher at American Institute of Physics
Toshiyuki Uematsu

Leopold Ploner has helped us greatly when we, Reed Business Information, published EDN in Japan. He provided us with many useful advices backed by the wealth of his experience. He is a top business partner for customers and media and is capable of providing the best marketing solutions moving actively.

Toshiyuki Uematsu, President at Kamome Communications Corp.

Leo is one of many different media partners that I have worked with in Europe. He knows how to combine print, on-line, and social media in innovative advertising formats to achieve different marketing objectives, from thought leadership through to lead generation.

John Browett, General Manager CLPA Europe, Mitsubishi Electric Factory AutomationRatingen, Germany

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